Fortune Creek Kennels

For Dogs:
 Fortune Creek Kennels offers boarding services for all types and sizes of dogs. 
Kennel amenities
· Indoor/Outdoor kennels with heated floors and covered, attached outdoor runs
· Ample run space to accommodate giant breeds or multiple dog families
· Separate indoor boarding area and private outdoor exercise yard for small and elderly dogs
· Large outdoor play yards
· Covered outdoor boarding pens
· Misting system to keep runs and yards cool during the hot summer months
· Night lights and music
 All dogs have a private pen (with the exception of multiple dog families who request that their dogs share a pen).


· All dogs are exercised in our large play yards for a minimum of 30 minutes, twice daily (weather permitting), in addition to a minimum of two additional “potty breaks” throughout the day.


· All diets and medications are maintained.  Clean food bowls are provided with each meal.  Water buckets are changed every morning, and fresh water is available at all times.


· In order to minimize stress and “tummy upset”,  we prefer that all dogs come with their own food.  We will happily maintain any special diet or feeding requirements.  Should your dog run out of food, or if you forget to bring food, we offer Pedigree Healthy Vitality as a kennel food at an additional charge each day.


· As a general practice, and to ensure the safety of your dog, all medium to large boarding dogs are exercised separately with the exception of multiple dog families who are sharing a run.  Small dogs may be exercised in small groups with supervision.
  • If you would like your dog to be able to play with another dog, please let us know.  We will try to accommodate your request, whenever possible, by matching your pet with another canine guest who has also requested a play mate, and who is of a similar temperament and energy level to your pet.  If a suitable match is available,  supervised playtimes will be offered. 



Daily kennel routine:

(approximate times, subject to change)

8:00 A.M

 -Morning “potty break” and play time in the play yards
-Runs cleaned inside and out
-Breakfast and medications administered

 11:00 A.M

 -Second “potty break”
-Dirty dishes collected
-Nap time
-Medications administered
-Lunch—fed as required

 4:00 P.M

 -Third “potty break”, plus play time in the play yards
-Runs cleaned inside and out, as required
-Medications administered
-Supper fed, as required
-Nap time

 9:00 P.M

 -Final “potty break”
-Medications administered
-Bedtime cookies

* Note dogs in the indoor/outdoor boarding area will usually be given the option to go out at anytime through an open sliding door into a private, fenced run (weather permitting).

**Small dogs may be taken out more often than specified above, depending on the specific temperament and energy requirements of the individual dog.  For example, a puppy may want to go out more often than an elderly dog, and we try to accommodate this need to the best of our abilities.


3779 Creamery Road

Spallumcheen, British Columbia, Canada, V0E 1B8

(250) 546-8639

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